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Gastric bypass surgery

At Audi B. Transformative, we provide world-class gastric bypass surgery consulting service to help you achieve your weight loss goals and transform your life. We understand the challenges that come with obesity and the impact it can have on your physical and mental health. That’s why we’re committed to delivering superior care and support throughout your journey

Breast augmentation

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We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin, and we strive to make that a reality for all of our clients. Wellness Transformative offers world-class breast augmentation consulting services that cater to every woman’s needs. Trust us to help you transform your body and boost your self-esteem today.


Our world-class liposuction consulting service is specifically designed to help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Audi B Transformative partners with highly skilled team of professionals that provides personalized and tailored treatment options to ensure that you receive the best possible results. Our commitment to quality and excellence is unparalleled, making us the leading choice for liposuction services

Mommy Makeovers

As a busy mom, it can be easy to put your needs on the back burner. But with this premium service, you can finally take some time for yourself and indulge in the ultimate beauty experience.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the ultimate beauty experience today and transform into the best version of yourself.

facial laser treatment

We understand that everyone deserves to have beautiful and healthy skin. Our facial laser treatment service is designed to rejuvenate your skin by improving its texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and diminishing sun damage.

BBL Brazilian butlift

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and care. From the initial consultation to the final follow-up, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the results of their Brazilian Butlift Enlargement Procedure.

brazilian butlift
Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

At Audi B. Transformative Consulting, we specialize in world-class Fat Transfer Surgery – a revolutionary procedure that enables you to achieve the body of your dreams. Our experienced medical partners has the knowledge and expertise to sculpt your body to perfection, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Our Fat Transfer Surgery is a safe and effective way to enhance your natural curves, add volume to your body, and achieve that perfectly contoured look you’ve always wanted

Motivational workshops

South love And strength building workshops

Women empowerment conferences


Our yearly woman’s conferences are designed to inspire and motivate women from all walks of life. We bring together thought leaders and industry experts to share their insights and expertise on topics such as motivational workshop, women empowerment, South love and strength building, and more. Our speakers are carefully chosen to offer practical advice, personal anecdotes, and real-world examples that resonate with our audience and inspire them to achieve their goals.

Mexico Luxury

Yoga Holiday


Yoga destination has been designed with your well-being in mind.

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Experience a luxurious and stress-free yoga holiday in Mexico with Audi B. Wellness Transformative

Our retreats are located in some of the most beautiful and peaceful locations in Mexico. Each retreat is carefully curated to provide you with an environment that promotes relaxation and mindfulness